Resources to Learn about the Bible and Theology

ESV Bible Online

A solid Bible translation.  The ESV Study Bible is highly Recommended

The NET Bible

A great search engine to look up scripture and study it. The NET Bible has great and helpful footnotes that explain the reasoning behind the translation.

Ligonier Ministries

Free Teaching Videos from Dr. R. C. Sproul

The Gospel Coalition

A wealth of articles, videos, and other teachings

Desiring God Ministries

Free audio, video, and ebooks from Pastor John Piper

Biblical Training

Free audio and video courses from some of the best pastors and professors

Bible Study Tools

A great website with all the tools to study the Bible in depth.

Bible Gateway

A good general website to search and compare Bible translations


Free Audio, eBooks, and resources to help learn about theology and the historic Christian faith

Resources to Help You Learn about and Defend the Christian Faith

Christianity Explored

Helpful answers to tough questions

Got Questions

Helpful answers to almost any question you can think of

Be Thinking

More helpful answers to your questions

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry

A great website for the study of Apologetics and World Religions and Cults

Lee Strobel

One of the leading popular level apologists today

Discovery Institute

The Center for Science and Culture. Great resources, articles and curriculum